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About the Nonseum

The Nonseum is a unique museum and popular tourist attraction in Herrnbaumgarten, a small town in the northeast of Austria. Around 486.3 inventions we don’t need are shown in the exhibition - including a historic botton hole collection and a sheep counting machine - with the sole aim to make people laugh. 

It was established in 1994 by the Society for Utilization of Superfluous Ideas (SUSI) and has welcomed thousands of guests around the world. Creating a lot of media interest, the Nonseum was featured in many national, as well as international newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows. 

For further information please visit the website, write an email to or call +43 (0) 2555 2737. 


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Alma & the Nonseum -


Tours, Laughter Yoga & Environmental Concept

Alma’s father, Fritz Gall, is creative manager, one of the co-founders of the museum, as well as the main inventor of the art pieces. Together with Alma and the rest of the family  (all board members of Society for Utilization of Superfluous Ideas) he is running the Nonseum. Alma regularly offers Museum Tours and Laughter Yoga, available in German (Lachyoga), English and Spanish (for bookings, click here).

In addition, she recently developed an environmental concept for youth between 14 and 19 years, in which the exhibition is critically reflected as a parody to consumerist society - of course in a fun, creative and practical way! 


"Our aim is to make someone somewhere,somehow smile!" 

- Society for Utilization of Superfluous Ideas (SUSI) 

About the Nonseum - Alma Gall
About the exhibition - Alma Gall

The Nonseum is also a popular destination for unique and fun company outings!

Have a look at the convenient day program including a Nonseum tour, Laughter Yoga, delicious food and much more! Of course, the day can be tailored to your needs.

"(...) I laughed was so amazing!! Alma is a great and very sympathetic person! Thank you for the fantastic tour and the good humor, I will definitely recommend the Nonseum to others."

— Carina Leitner, museum visitor


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