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About Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga (Lachyoga) is a unique training programme, in which everyone can laugh without the need of humour! It is simple, yet very effective! 


Here are some of the numerous benefits...

Laughter Yoga can...

:) ... can lift the mood within minutes

:) ... can boost the immune system 

:)is one of the fastest, most cost-effective stress-management methods


The concept was invented by the Indian Doctor Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri in 1995. Ever since it has spread all over the world in so called Laughter Clubs, as well many other places such as companies, schools and conferences.

Want to know more details about Laughter Yoga? Here is the link to the official website. 

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Alma & Laughter Yoga

More than 10 years ago, Alma first encountered this technique during a training with her former theatre ensemble. Especially since 2014 she has been taking laughing very seriously: She was certified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria and has attended various other laughter trainings ever since. 

Alma regularly holds Laughter workshops, courses and retreats in German, English and Spanish on- and offline and has worked with numerous known international companies and organisations.

Being a popular speaker at events, she is often invited to conferences in Austria and abroad.


Laughter Yoga Medley - Alma Gall

Watch Alma's Laughter Yoga performance at the TEDxPannonia 2014:

Laughter Yoga for your company


Laughter Yoga is one of the fastest & most efficient and economic

stress-management tools available! This is the perfect workshop to increase well-being and balance in your team.


Laughter Yoga can also be the perfect ice-breaker and a tool for team-building. These workshop will help to improve the overall well-being in your team.

Laughter Yoga for your event

Laughter Yoga 4 60+ & Kids

Laughter Yoga 4


Senior – Laughter Yoga is particularly gentle and above all uses exercises that can be practiced also with restricted mobility. This workshop is great for nursing homes and senior clubs and events.  

Laughter Yoga 

4 Kids

Looking for a cool program for your kid’s birthday party?

This workshop is lots of fun and includes different games and other tools that your children will love.

Depending on the needs, Alma also integrates relaxing exercises and Yoga poses suitable for children.  

Laughter Yoga at events & conferences

Want to surprise your audience with something special? Laughter Yoga Performances boost the mood of the participants immediately and are also the perfect ice-breaker for every conference.

Laughter Yoga 

in different languages

We all laugh in the same language, ha! Yet, Alma happily explains the theory behind this genius method in German, English, Spanish and on good days also in French :). 


"Laughter Yoga with Alma was one of the most magical moments that I have ever experience with a group. As event organizer it was a key activity for the success of my training. As attendee, it was energetic and inspirational."

Ramiro Murguia,

 Managing Director at World Youth Academy

Enjoy the great benefits of Laughter Yoga - the perfect stress management tool that will boost your mood immediately!

Book your Laughter Yoga session here.

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