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Photo: Aeriality


Alma performs regularly with Hula Hoops and different Aerial equipment including Aerial Hoop, Aerial Sling and Aerial Silk. Apart from traditional aerial acrobatics, she mostly takes a contemporary approach to her performances including vertical theatre. 

 In addition, she performs on stage and in front of the camera as an actress. 

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Performance Spark Up Your Light 

Spark Up Your Light is a classical Duo Aerial Hoop performances with special light effects. 

Antonia Cremer und Alma Gall_4Batik @Pau

Photo: Aeriality


Wake Up is an aerial acrobatics and acrobatics performance, with many clownish elements. 

Benjamin Rakos_4Batik @ Paula Cremer.jpg

The Business Network 

The Business Network is a socio-critical aerial silk and hoop vertical theatre. 

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Photo: Aeriality

Trapped in Plastic

Trapped in Plastic is a  socio-critical Duo-Aerial Sling performance performed on plastic. 

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